Fostering youth football: New NW Regional Exco Urged To Collaborate With FECAFOOT

By Raymond Dingana

Newly installed executive members of the Circle of The Actors and Promoters of Youth Football in the North West Region have been challenged to work hand in gloves with the regional bureau of the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT in their drive to foster youth football in the region.

The call was made by the National President of Youth Football League, Mr. Dabo Hamadou This was during a ceremony to commission the new executive into their functions at the FECAFOOT conference room Saturday April 24, 2021.

He challenged the regional football actors and promoters with Mr. Yoye Blaise at the head to collaborate with FECAFOOT before channeling their problems to the national office. Dabo explained that the executive is out to defend the interest of youth football, assist leaders of the league, and ensure the evolution of young players among others.

Newly Installed Actors Executive Of Circle Of The Actors And Promoters Of Youth Football With The NorthWest Football Family

The Secretary General of FECAFOOT NW, Ndi Tsembom Elvis, used the ceremony to present the dire situation of the youth league in the region. Ndi said the league is being played in tears because much is needed for it to thrive. 

“The league lacks sponsors because the economy of the region has been greatly battered by the ongoing Anglophone crisis. Issuing of licenses is also another problem because of the absent of subventions," he revealed.

The FECAFOOT scribe also decried the wanton creation of teams that cannot even boost of players. He condemned the absence of clubs when matches are programmed because of lack of licenses for the players among others challenges.
Ndi called on club owners to help the federation and in tend help themselves.

He prescribed collaboration as key to the success of the youth football which will also help in identifying young referees needed as far as the league is concern.

Many football lovers in the region are hopeful that the coming of the new team to manage the youth league might mean there is light at the end of the tunnel. The success of the new executive, they added will help scout budding talents and give them the opportunity to shine like their mates in other parts of the world.

Below is are the names of the newly installed officials:

President: Blaise Yoye

1st Vice president: Niba George

2nd Vice president: Fonkwa Louis

Secretary General: Ambe Nicasius

Vice SG: Tabi Denis

Treasurer: Vega Roland

Coordinator: Aliwoh Francis

Advisers : Ben Suh Fuh, Mbitakan Simon, Komando Ernest.

Members : Mbah Zogo, Fiesher Aruna, Wara Festus, Kosi Valentine.


3rdya said…
هذه مقالة مفيدة للغاية وتصف بشكل جيد الاتجاهات المستمرة في تصميم مواقع الويب. مقالتك مفيدة جدًا ترتيب الدوري السعودي عالميا لنا ومن حل الكثير من شكوكي. شكرا .

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