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Elite 2 Championship: Foncha Street FC Beat Gazelle FA, Keep Hopes Alive

By Raymond Dingana A hat trick from Ibrahim Nsoyuri and one goal from the penalty spot by Cheson Loibinyo were just enough to punish Gazelle FA 4-1. Foncha Street's first two goals came in the first halve of the match counting for the 13 day of play of the Elite 2 Championship at the Bamenda University field. Foncha Street FC At The Bamenda University Field The win for Foncha Street which is third in a row means the team's hopes of staying in the league 2 Championship are still in tact thereby waving a good bye to relegation. For Gazelle, losing in Bamenda was not what they expected as their hopes of securing a league one ticket partly depended on a favourable outing in Bamenda. Gazelle FA At The Bamenda University Field A win in Bamenda would have placed Gazelle on a comfortable first position in group A currently in the hands of Lausanne FA with 26points. A win for Gazelle would have taken them to a 27 point lead. As it stands, Gazelle FA still have hopes of playing in the s

Fostering youth football: New NW Regional Exco Urged To Collaborate With FECAFOOT

By Raymond Dingana Newly installed executive members of the Circle of The Actors and Promoters of Youth Football in the North West Region have been challenged to work hand in gloves with the regional bureau of the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT in their drive to foster youth football in the region. The call was made by the National President of Youth Football League, Mr. Dabo Hamadou This was during a ceremony to commission the new executive into their functions at the FECAFOOT conference room Saturday April 24, 2021. He challenged the regional football actors and promoters with Mr. Yoye Blaise at the head to collaborate with FECAFOOT before channeling their problems to the national office. Dabo explained that the executive is out to defend the interest of youth football, assist leaders of the league, and ensure the evolution of young players among others.