Anglophone Crisis: Kidnappers Find New Fertile Ground In Nkwen

By Raymond Dingana

There have been recurrent cases of kidnapping for ransom in Nkwen, Bamenda III Sub Division of the restive North West Region of Cameroon for some weeks now.

Just this week, more than seven people have been kidnapped by armed men. The kidnappings have been very frequent, especially around Mobile Nkwen, where the kidnappers easily escape through Cow and Ghana Streets.

The gunmen are always armed to the teeth and their actions well-coordinated. Their targets are mostly owners of provision stores and beer parlours under the pretext that, they sell drinks of a particularly brewery company.

Three persons were abducted at a drinking spot at Ghana Street on Tuesday in broad day light.

A day before the Ghana Street incident, there was another kidnaping case around Mile 3 Nkwen the previous day.

"They came to a woman's bar at Ghana Street, took her and a customer. This is a woman who is like a mother to them being treated like that. She is a poor woman only struggling to survive by selling few bottles of drinks, yet people will come with guns and take her away. My prayer is that they should never live to spend all what they are collecting from us," an infuriated lady bemoaned.

On August 11, 2021 at about 4:30PM, armed men stormed a popular drinking spot around Way-in Nkwen in a bid to abduct the proprietor.

For Illustration: View Of The Area Where The Bar Owner Was Almost Kidnapped

He resisted and told the guys to shoot him and that he was going nowhere. The armed men left with one of the security guards and as they drove off, they intercepted a lady in her Runz car, forced her to the driver's seat, seized another man and took them away.

"They came with guns and started shooting to scare the population and also to create confusion so that in the midst of that, they can easily escape," and eye witness said, adding that, " We can fight them if we decide. These are kidnappers hiding under the banner of the crisis to make money. "

The population are now craving for security officers to be stationed around that area to watch over the area and ride it of kidnappers.

As the situation degenerates, many people have vowed to set up personal security to guard against these miscreants.

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