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ESU Community Rejects Menchum SDO’s Calls For Applications To Occupy Vacant Stool

  At The Press Conference In Douala The Esu Community has frantically rejected the Menchum Divisional officer’s press release requesting that persons interested to occupy the vacant Esu Kingdom throne forward their application files to him. ESU community made up of the Youths, Chiefs, the Clergy, lawyers, teachers and the civil society vented their wrath against the Menchum SDO’s release Saturday during a press conference in Douala. The Menchum Prefect, Abdoullahi Alliou, siting law number 77/245 of 15th July 1977, had on the 8th of June released a document requesting that persons interested  to become the King of ESU submit letters of application to him from which he will appoint a king to sit on the vacant  throne in the Kingdom of ESU. Rev. Dr. MIH Clement KUM, chairman of the ESU Cultural and Development  Association Caretaker committee lambasted Menchum SDO for making such a reckless, dull and unwitty request. He intimidated that the Prefect’s press release  goes against the

Soldiers neutralize Kidnappers In Bafut Days After Woman declared they will not live Long

By Raymond Dingana After a woman and two men were kidnapped in Ghana street about a forthnight ago, a wowan who witnessed the incident said the kidnappers will never live to enjoy all what they are making from kidnappings. Few weeks later, General Nka Valére of the 5th Joint Military Region told the press that, "a tip off from an informant has led to the killing of five kidnappers in their hideout in Mforya Bafut." Bafut is one of the epicenters of the armed conflict ongoing in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. Some Of The Items Recovered At The Kidnappers Hospital Gen. Nka Valére And Other Top Military Officials At The Scene Of The Raid. The operation which led to the neutralization of the kidnappers took place on the night of Thursday August 19, 2021. The joint operation was made up of members of the Cameroon army, elements of the National Gendarmerie and the Police. Following a shootout between the kidnappers and the security forces , a certain Small Pep

Anglophone Crisis: Kidnappers Find New Fertile Ground In Nkwen

By Raymond Dingana There have been recurrent cases of kidnapping for ransom in Nkwen, Bamenda III Sub Division of the restive North West Region of Cameroon for some weeks now. Just this week, more than seven people have been kidnapped by armed men. The kidnappings have been very frequent, especially around Mobile Nkwen, where the kidnappers easily escape through Cow and Ghana Streets. The gunmen are always armed to the teeth and their actions well-coordinated. Their targets are mostly owners of provision stores and beer parlours under the pretext that, they sell drinks of a particularly brewery company. Three persons were abducted at a drinking spot at Ghana Street on Tuesday in broad day light. A day before the Ghana Street incident, there was another kidnaping case around Mile 3 Nkwen the previous day. "They came to a woman's bar at Ghana Street, took her and a customer. This is a woman who is like a mother to them being treated like that. She is a poor woman only struggling