Bamenda II Denizens To Harvest More From Council Come 2022

By Raymond Dingana

Inhabitants of Bamenda II, a local council area in Mezam, North West Region of Cameroon are said to reap more from the Council next year following the voting of the 2022 budget that has witnessed an increase.

Water, electricity, shelter, road infrastructure amongst others are some of the sectors the Bamenda II council plans to focus on in the new year.

Mayor Chenwi At The Budgetary Session

Speaking to after the municipal council's budgetary session that saw councilors voting the sum of 1.8 billion FCFA as their 2022 budget, the mayor of the municipality, Chenwi Peter said,
"We are going to invest more on solar energy to reduce the burden on the population at a time when electricity has not been stable. We plan to also increase the number of boreholes especially now that there are many IDPs around meaning more thirsty mouths," Mayor Chenwi said.
Bamenda II Council is one with the highest number of potholes in the city of Bamenda, a situation that has caught the attention of the council,
"the road maintenance machines we ordered for will arrive by January. It will help us work on the potholes," he furthered.
Accommodation has also been an issue especially now that there are many Internally Displaced Persons in the area whose presence is inserting a serious pressure on accommodation and other amenities,
"Thirteen low cost houses will be constructed to provide shelter. This is thanks to  our partnership with MINEPAT."
Executing the projects will also entails funding both from internal and external sources.

This explains why Mayor Peter Chenwi said he was not going to put all eggs in one basket especially now that revenue collection is low,
"We have realized that we will fail if we depend on state subvention because it comes quarterly and at times not on time.We have to design other means of generating proceeds," Chenwi explained.
The council is also looking for a suitable site to erect a market where returns will be generated to take care of other development projects.

Municipal Councilors At The Budgetary Session

The Senior Divisional officer Simon Emile Mooh on his part adviced that the council should go for a conducive and safe site.

He said there is no need constructing a market where revenue collection will not be possible.

It should be burn in mind that, the Bamenda II Council's 2022 budget moved to 1.8 billion FCFA from 1.6 billion FCFA in 2021.


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