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Bamenda II Denizens To Harvest More From Council Come 2022

By Raymond Dingana Inhabitants of Bamenda II, a local council area in Mezam, North West Region of Cameroon are said to reap more from the Council next year following the voting of the 2022 budget that has witnessed an increase. Water, electricity, shelter, road infrastructure amongst others are some of the sectors the Bamenda II council plans to focus on in the new year. Mayor Chenwi At The Budgetary Session Speaking to after the municipal council's budgetary session that saw councilors voting the sum of 1.8 billion FCFA as their 2022 budget, the mayor of the municipality, Chenwi Peter said, "We are going to invest more on solar energy to reduce the burden on the population at a time when electricity has not been stable. We plan to also increase the number of boreholes especially now that there are many IDPs around meaning more thirsty mouths," Mayor Chenwi said. Bamenda II Council is one with the highest number of potholes in the city of Bamenda, a situati

Bamenda II Mayor Assists Commercial Bikers Ahead Of Christmas

By Raymond Dingana The Mayor of the Bamenda II Council Peter Chenwi has assisted bike riders in his municipality with 150 bags of rice ahead of end of year festivities. He has also promised to pay for the production of identification documents for them. This he said will help mitigate the rate at which commercial bike riders suffer harassments in the hands of uniform officers as they struggle to put food on the table. This was after bike riders filed in a number of complaints at the council about their being harassed by security forces because they don't have the National Identity Card, lisenses, Insurance documents among others. 150 Bags Of Rice Destined For Members Of The Bikers' Union Of Bamenda II This was Friday December 10, 2021 at a come together with the bikers at a renowned hotel in Bamenda. Complaints from the Bamenda II Bike Riders' Union indicate that many bikes have been seized by security forces. I realized that they don't have documents reason why I decid

Bambili:15-Year-Old Girl Goes Hungry To Safe Community From Water Crisis

By Colbert Gwain Kewoh Cynthia Faith,15 years of age is a Form II student of the Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology, CCAST Bambili in Mezam Division of the North West Region.  She was born into a peasant family some 14 years ago. Growing up, she discovered one of her obligatory household chores was to fetch water for cooking, bathing and drinking. She would trek for long distance just to get the prescious liquid. Originally, it was an exciting exercise for young Kewoh Cynthia Faith as it gave her opportunity to commune with other children in the neighbourhood too and fro the water source.  With population pressure, drought and uncertain climatic conditions, Cynthia Faith realized the original water source nearby was drying off and she would need to walk longer distances to fetch water for her personal and family use. When the Bambili Cultural and Development Association under the determined leadership of Eric Adangfung who doubles as Director General of the Upper Noun Val

Bamenda I: Sen.Kemende Tackles Water Crisis As Dry Season Steps In

By Dingana Raymond The water crisis that has been a bone in the neck of many at the Government Residential Area (GRA) and many others in the Bamenda I municipality at up station is gradually becoming a thing of the past. This is thanks to a bore hole contructed by Sen. Bar. Kemende Henry of the Social Democratic Front Party( SDF) and named 'Mami Frida Fountain' after his mother and handed over to the community. Sen. Kemende Henry Mami Frida Fountain Handed To The Population To Drown Their Thirst With. During the handing over ceremony that took Sunday Nov.7 2021, Sen.Kemende said he took opon himself to quench the thirst of his people after seeing them go through to get portable water especially during the dry season. "It was the suffering I witnessed. If I wasn't living in this quarter, i wouldn't have believed GRA of all places could be suffer such a water crisis. It was painful seeing my people digging the river beds behind my house just to get water especiall