AFCON 2021: Why Comorians Want Eighth Final Match Against Cameroon Postponed

By Raymond Dingana

A Comorian association has penned a letter to the African Football Confederation (CAF) through the President asking that the quarter finals fixture putting them in opposition against host country Cameroon on Monday January 24,2022 be adjourned.

Citing the fact two goalkeepers Moyahd and Alia as well as some key players including the coach Amir Abdou have been tested positive, a complaint filed in by Development Movement initiative for Knowledgeable Youths better known by its French acronym (RIDJA) say there can be no fair play during the match. 

Comoros National Team In Cameroon.

As stated by the letter dated Sunday 23 January 2022 on behalf of Shepherd Law Firm by their representative in Yaounde, (RIDJA) raised concerns over the COVID-19 test results published on Saturday 22 January 2022.

Not fewer than 12 Comoros players and their coach tested positive when the results were out.

The association described the results as fraudulent with the intention to cause the elimination of Comoros that is on the path to victory.

This was after celebrating their team for the luminous performance that secured them a  qualification ticket for the round of 16 in the tourney.

Amir Abdou, Comorose Coach

According to them, the indomitable lions do not need such support to achieve their goals in such a competition.

According to, the association led by Barrister Said Larif has thus requested CAF to either postponed Comoros vs Cameroon match for five days or order another test to ensure fair play.

CAF had earlier indicated that to avoid cases like this, an independent body will be used to carry out COVID-19 testing during the completion.

At press time, no reply has come from the continental football governing body CAF.

Comoros is due to play host Cameoon on Monday 24 January 2022 in Olembe-Yaounde.

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