North West Regional Assembly: Fru Angwafo III Prescribes Bottom-Top Approach To Achieve Growth

Fru Angwafo III, President NW Regional Assembly

By Raymond Dingana

The President of the North West Regional Assembly, Fru Angwafo III has prescribed the Bottom- Top approach to local developement as a way forward for the developement of the North West Region.

He says the projects to be executed will come from the grassroot populations through their representatives and not from the top as the case has always been.

Members Of The Regional Assembly In Session

He was speaking Tuesday July 26,2022 during the July Ordinary Session of the Regional Assembly currently meeting in the conference room of the Assembly in Bamenda,
The Communities will identify their needed and priotized projects and the Regional Assembly through its Regional Councilors will support these projects. It is a bottom-up appraoch that is the order of the day meaning we will not be the ones deciding for them, he pointed out.
He also expressed the wish to see all stakeholders to do all in their power in order to win back peace and trigger social cohesion.

Clearing of road sides, filling of pot holes, cleaning of gutters among others would be in the hands of the unskilled labour force, the Regional President said.

The over centralised system which many say is the order of the day in Cameroon has often come under fire from society watchers who believe that the Top-Bottom approach to local developement is to be blamed for the underdevelopment of the region.


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