Anglophone Crisis: Not Even Nursing Mothers, Widows Are Spared

By Raymond Dingana

Sadness has once again settled in the minds of many in Bali Nyonga, one of the epicenters of what has installed itself as Anglophone war of independence following the shooting to death of a nursing mother and a widow. 

Nursing Mother Killed In Bali Nyonga Sunday Night

In the night of Sunday breaking Monday Sep. 19, we gathered from sources at the Njenka neighborhood in Bali that,
a young nursing mother was pulled out of  her home in Njenka Haussa and gunned down by men dressed in military uniforms. No reason was given for such an act on such a harmless lady. Our hearts bleeds, said Mustapha Amisou.
The spirit of death also paid a visit to a family compound at Sang where it took away the life of a widow in her 70s by name Ma Anna. Here, heavily armed men in military uniforms that resemble those of the Cameroon military have been blamed. 

Her son was whisked off to an unknown destination while her mother's remains were left in the pool of her own blood. 

Ma Anna,Shot And Killed Tuesday September 20.

There has been no word from the administration of the North West Region, Womens' Rights Groups, Traditional authorities, Human Rights Organizations like the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms. Many believe that waiting for any reaction from them is like waiting for a Carmel to pass through the eye of a niddle.