PIC's Workshop With Mayors: Don't Involve Council Workers In Political Campaigns-Nina Ambuban

By Raymond Dingana

During her presentation on Non- Discrimination and Mainstreaming Inclusiveness in Council Functioning at a two-day seminar on Duties and Ethical Compliance in Regional and Council Services, Thursday October 27,2022 organized by the Office of the Public Independent Conciliator [OPIC] for the North West, Ambuban cautioned mayors against dragging their workers in to election campaigns.

Nina Ambuban Schooling Mayors On Non- Discrimination And Mainstreaming Inclusiveness In Council Functioning

She explained that such acts go a long way to disfavor the workers especially in a situation where a new mayors comes in:
"During political campaigns, mayors move out with council staff and if the mayor is not maintained, the incoming mayor will want to discriminate against the staff because they campaign against him or her. Some might even be dismissed and this will mean their Rights have been voilated. Council workers should be allow to chose their political parties, " Ambuban said.
Some participants invited OPIC  to ensure that no council worker is unjustly sacked because he or she supported the former mayor. 

Participants at the seminar also pointed out some of the challenges they face in running the affairs of the council.

Participants At The Seminar At OPIC's Conference Room

Bad governance by authorites, Political and Administrative Pressure, Lack of financial resources, citizens not interested in the Functioning of council's amongst others.

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Unknown said…
Thanks Ray for the except.Kudos to Ambubon for bringing up or making known to us the malpractices of some of these mayors.Meetings like this should always show up before campaigns/elections.

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