North West Regional News Round Up Season 15

Compiled By Raymond Dingana

Kidnapping For Ransom On The Rise In Bamenda

Kidnapping for ransom has continued to rock the town of Bamenda, and it's environments. Sunday March 17, 2023, heavily armed men abducted a lady, her driver, and one other person at the virgin land neighborhood in Foncha Street, Nkwen, Bamenda III Council area in broad day. The victims were taken to an unknown destination. It's not clear if they have been released or not.

Image Of Foncha Street Used For Illustration 

Two Die, Four Others Hospitalized After Sharing Common Meal

Shock, and consternation is still the other of the day at the Sisia neighborhood in Nkwen Bamenda after two kids lost their lives. The two died after eating from the same pot. Two others were rushed to a health facility where they are being treated for food poisoning. The incident that happened on Sunday has left many in shock with questions being asked as to whether the food was actually poisoned or it was poorly cooked.

Bamenda Based Transport Agency Bus Catches Fire In Dschang

A bus belonging to a Bamenda based transport agency from Douala caught fire on the night of Monday breaking Tuesday, March 19, 2024 in Dschang, West Region of Cameroon. We gathered that the fire started in one of the luggage compartment of the bus just after the vehicle had finished the La falaise hill in Dschang. No one was hurt in the incident but the bus was damaged. According to a video that was shared online, a fire extinguisher in the bus was used to rescue the bus from burning to ashes.

Population Fighting The Flames

Gun Men kill Two Commercial Bikers In  Batibo

The population of Batibo Sub Division of the North West Region of Cameroon are in pain after gun men suspected to be separatist fighters killed two bikers transporting palm wine. Sources on the ground have indicated that the two bikers were transporting palm wine to Bamenda when they were shot around a place called 'seventy one,' near Guzang village. The incident happened weeks after separatist fighters imposed a travel ban on the Bali-Batibo-Ekok road following the death of self-styled general Effang. The act reports say has rather plunged  the population in to excruciating pain. The remains of the victims have been preserved at a mortuary pending burial. The incident happened on March 19th, same day a corpse of a young man was discovered in Ntarinkon in the early house of the day. 

Mbengwi Population In Pain As Main Access To Village Remains Blocked

It's over a year since armed men said to be separatist fighters imposed a travel ban on the Bamenda- Mbengwi road through Alabukam. For more than a year now, the population is forced to go to Mbengwi through Bali which they say is not safe as they risk being kidnapped or robbed by armed men. They have continued to appeal to separatist fighters to help release the pain on them by reopening the road. Farmers find it difficult to sell their produce in Bamenda, patients suffer before meeting up with their doctors in Bamenda, and the list is long. They have not also stopped asking the question as to what crime they committed to suffer the way they are suffering.

Commercial Bikers Attack Brewery Depot Over Death Of Colleague

After losing one of theirs in a fatal road accident at Mile 2 Junction in Bamenda, Saturday March 9,2024, commercial bike riders stormed the depot of a brewery company at the Mile 3 neighborhood in Nkwen hitting the gate in protest. They said the truck of the company killed their colleague, while witnesses said the rider died as he tried to overtake the vehicle on the wrong side. It's not clear what happened that caused the riders to retreat, but we hear forces of law and order intervened.

Public Independent Conciliator's Crusade For Free Civil Status Registration Yielding Fruits 

Municipal authorities have continued to sign press releases announcing free establishment of civil status documents like marriage, birth, and death certificates in their councils. The lastest municipal councils to officially announce that these documents are free are Bamenda I, Tubah, Njinikom and Wum councils. Before the coming of the Office of the Public Independent Conciliator (OPIC) for the North West, under the stewardship of Mr. Tamfu Simon Fai, the population was going through hell in the hands of municipal authorities especially when it came to the isuance of civil status registration documents. OPIC came and opened the eyes of the people through a campaign for the free issuance of civil status registration documents. 

Communique From Wum Council 

Health Expert Advices Population Not To Strain Kidney By Drinking Too much Water

Fon Wamucho, nurse in charge of the hemodialysis Centre of the Regional hospital Bamenda is advising the population to guard against kidney disease by not drinking too much water. He says water is good for the kidneys but would destroy them if it's abused. Speaking on world kidney day, Fon said amongst others that to protect the kidneys, it is recommended that one should drink between 1.5-2litres of water daily, and not to be taken at once.  He said drinking about 3litres would rather cause the kidneys to over work themselves which could end up killing them. Keep fit and being active, regular control of suger level, and blood pressure, eat healthy, and weight control, stop smoking, avoid auto medication, and regular kidney checkups.

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