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Inside North West , A Tour Of The Region, Season Eight

  By Raymond Dingana Soldiers Storm Homes Searching For Missing Gun T here was a serious search of homes at the Ntamulung neighborhood in Bamenda by soldiers who were on a special operation to retrieve a missing gun, Sunday February 21, 2021. The gun was snatched from a uniform man at Ntamulung by unidentified men few meters away from a security checkpoint at Ngeng junction on Saturday February 20. The operation prevented many from attending church service while others were arrested and asked to sit and rub their bodies on the ground. It is still not clear if the weapon was found or not. Military Descends On Mbengwi Population E lements of the Cameroon’s armed forces are reported to have gotten many in Tudig, a village Mbengwi, Momo Division well beaten. This was after an improvised explosive device IED went off in Tudig, Wednesday. The military is said to have gotten many well beaten asking them to disclose the identities of those that planted the device that was aimed at them. The ex

Inside North West Region, Season Seven

By Raymond Dingana Two Explosions Rock Bamenda Two locally made exlosive device have gone off at the Azere New Church neighborhood in Bamenda. The sound was so loud that it was heard from far away Nkwen. We are yet to get information as to whether any one was wounded or not. The Scene Of Wednesday Explosion At Azere New Church This month of January has recorded more than seven explosions already. Snake Bites Electrician On An Electricity Pole An electrician whose name we got as Clinton is battling for his life in a hospital after he was bitten by a snake on an electricity pole, Monday. Reports say the snake may have come from a pear tree closed to the pole Clinton was working on. Remains Of Slain Youths Paraded In The Streets Of Bamenda The remains of some of the boys killed at the Meta quarter neighborhood in Bamenda have been taken to the streets by loved ones.  Photo Credit: Neba Marcus The remains were removed from the Bamenda Regional Hospital Mortuary,Tuesday and Wednesday resp