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Intercultural Dialogue, Way Out Of Intercultural Conflicts.

  By Raymond Dingana The North West Region of Cameroon is one of those areas where intercultural clashes especially between Grazers and non Grazers are so rampant. These clashes have sometimes resulted to both human and material loses particularly where intercultural talks are not in attendance. During a 3-day training of journalists, who are members of the Association of Cultural Journalists, ACJ, to brainstorm on issues concerning Cultural Diversity and Cultural Rights, organized by the Mbororo Cultural and Development Association, MBOSCUDA, members were enjoined to sensitize the public on the need of dialogue amongst others as the way out of conflicts between cultures. Members Of ACJ AT Training Workshop On Cultural Journalism. “ They are to promote the role of intercultural dialogue. It is when people dialogue that, there is mutual understanding of the various cultures. So if we understand each other’s culture, we will understand why we do certain things differently. Once that i