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At HIHMATech Graduation Ceremony, CEO Reiterates Need For Skill-Based Certification

By Raymond Dingana The old habit of focusing on accademic certificates and ignoring competence has come under fire from the CEO of HIHMATech International University Foundation, Dr. Shei Claude Nfor. Dr. Shei Claude Nfor, CEO HIHMATech International University Foundation During the graduation ceremony of the 2022 batch of students of HIHMATech with majority of them being Nurses, Saturday July 02,2022 at the comfrence room of a renown hotel in Bamenda, Dr.Shei intimated that the vision of HIHMATech is to professionalize people and not bombarding them with academic certificates they can not defend anywhere, We are out to impact youths with skills and recognize their skills. We issue out skill-based certifications to our students. This is because  we want employers to know us and also recognize our products and what they are capable of doing,  he explained. Graduating Students Taking The Florence Nitchigal Oath Dr. Shei further said that they are trying to promote a situation where

DDR Bamenda: Anglophone Crisis Ex-Fighters Request Primary School For Kids

   By Raymond Dingana Article 28 of the UNCRC says that children and young people have the right to education no matter who they are: regardless of race, gender or disability; if they're in detention, or if they're a refugee. This seems to have touched the soft spot of the Northwest Regional Coordinator of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Center, DDR Bamenda Kum Henry Ichu who have now requested for a primary school for the kids at the center. The plea was echored Friday July 17,2022 during the graduation ceremony of the first batch of Pre-Nursery and Nursery school kids who are all children of former separatist fighters at the center. Graduating Pupils At The DDR Center In Bamenda According to Kum Henry, the kids who have graduated from the Nursery school need to further their education reason why the DDR Center is in dire need of a primary school, Kum Henry Ichu, Northwest Regional Cordinator Of DDR Just like children elsewhere, those in this center also need

CATUC:Pioneer PhD Students Defend Thesis On Health Economics

By Raymond Dingana The Cameroon Catholic University-CATUC has produced its first ever PhD holders in Health Economics after four candidates successfully defended their thesis over the weekend.  Mbacham Mercy Akwi Tah, -Monounde , Fomba Louisette, Kinga Bertila Mayin, Promise Aseh Munteh and Rev. Clement Kum Mih successfully defended their PhD thesis on Health Economics and Anthropology in the North West Region of Cameroon much to the jury’s appreciation . On Friday, December 11, Mbacham Mercy kicked off the exercises as she explored the Safety, Anti-proliferative activity and cost evaluation of medicinal plants against breast cancer in the NWR while candidate Fomba Louisette followed suit with the topic; the determinants of health and active aging: Evidence from Bamenda. The next day, Kinga Bertila Mayin conducted an Empirical investigation into the Socioeconomic Risk Factors of Obesity while Promise Aseh Munteh focused on Telemedicine and Human Resources for Health Crisis in

Back To School:It Is Not About Government,Separatists, Parents Have Decided-Hon.Gerard Ngala

By Raymond Dingana The Member of Parliament, for Nkambe Central, Donga Mantung division, Hon. Gerard Ngala has said it is not about Government nor Separatists talking about sending childeren to school but that, parents have taken the bull by the horne. Hon. Ngala made the declaration recently on national the state broadcaster, CRTV shortly after stagging a mega rally in Nkambe that has amplified the back to school campaign in his native Donga Mantung and beyond. The people's representative also said among other things that, he is ready to take bullets in his sustained campaign to see that children are educated across the North West and South West Regions. He also said among other things that, he is ready to take bullets in his sustained campaign to see that children across the North West and South West Regions are educated. Read more on Hon Ngala Gerard's outing pin the following interview excerpts. Honorable, your visit to Donga Mantung was at a time of a crusade for e

Bamenda II Mayor Donates School Needs To Kids, Warns Proprietors Increasing Fees.

By Raymond Dingana The mayor of the Bamenda II Council, Peter Chenwi has frowned at school authorities that have taken upon themselves to increase school fees despite the hardship parents are experiencing as a result of the persisting Anglophone crisis and other challenges. Speaking at the Epic Center , Saturday October 03, 2020 during an event to hand over didactic material to hundreds of children in the school going age bracket, the mayor said, owners of private schools cannot be increasing school fees when the economy of the area is witnessing a downtrend warning them that, their schools may be shut down: “ There was a meeting to that effect because authorities cannot be increasing school fees when people are dying, the economy is on the downtrend and school authorities are increasing fees. We have to call those proprietors to order, if they are not stop, then we will sign out their schools ,” Mayor Chenwi warned. Bamenda II Mayor, Chenwi Peter Donating School Needs To Person

Hon Agho Oliver Preaches Forgiveness, Donates Didactic Material To Kids.

  By Raymond Dingana “ My dear brothers and sisters, I sincerely appeal to you today, to look for a place in your hearts to forgive those who committed these atrocities on you people directly or indirectly in one way or the other. My dear people, the only way we can find mercy is when we respond to Jesus’ instructions in the Bible in Our Lord’s Prayer when he said, father forgive us as we also forgive those who have trespassed against us. So I appeal to you to forgive in order to be forgiven. ”           Those were the words of the Hon. Member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah Constituency during the handing over ceremony of school bags containing Exercise books, Pens, Pencils, Rulers, Face masks and many others to children of school going age from the four villages that make up Tubah Sub Division, Sunday September 27, 2020 at the esplanade of the office of the Divisional Officer. Hon Agho Oliver Handing School Needs To Children In Tubah In Preparation For Back To School. The Hon Mem